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PlyVeneer™ Drum Separator SheetsPlyVeneer Drum Separator Sheets
AAR Approved
Complies With All USDA APHIS Export Requirements

Place PlyVeneer™ Drum Separator Sheets between drums in the shipping process and eliminate drum-to-drum contact. Your customer will receive a product that looks new and intact. With its lightweight, cut-to-size features PlyVeneer™ Drum Separator Sheets not only reduce shipping costs but reduce storage issues as well.

Made of wood veneer with Kraft paper overlay, PlyVeneer™ Drum Separator Sheets are strong enough to do the job but lighter than plywood. Whether the material is routed and folded or used to protect items in shipment, PlyVeneer™ performs.

PlyVeneer® Applications
  • Replacement for Pallet Decks
  • Protective Cover Sheets
  • Agricultural Packaging
  • Rail and Container Shipping/Dunnage

PDF Download printable PlyVeneer™ Drum Separator spec sheet