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PlyFoam™ PlyFoam™ is a perfect example of how laminating a common material can increase its versatility and usability. PlyFoam™ is a strong, lightweight panel of expanded Polystyrene foam with a Kraft linerboard overlay. Not only does this process allow PlyFoam™ to be cut, glued, and handled much easier than raw foam, but it offers industries a foam product with strength.

Through using our 8-foot wide continuous lay-up laminator, we are able to produce large custom panels up to 96” wide by 20’ long. Standard sizes are 4'x8' and 4'x10'. PlyFoam™ is available in 1lb.ft³ and 2lb.ft³ densities, and thicknesses from 1⁄4” to 2 1⁄2”. PlyFoam™ is also available with several different thicknesses of Kraft linerboard. In certain applications PlyFoam™ works as a cost effective substitute for “GatorFoam”.

PlyFoam™ Applications
  • Recreational Vehicles: Sidewalls, roof panels, interior components
  • Store Fixtures and Displays: Tradeshow wall systems, store signage
  • Specialty packaging: Cushioning and interior packaging

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