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PlyVeneer® ImagePlyVeneer® solves the headache of heavy shipping materials by offering strong, lightweight packaging that helps minimize shipping costs. Whether the material is routed and folded, or used as a cover sheet to protect items in shipment, PlyVeneer® performs. Made of wood veneer with a Kraft linerboard overlay, PlyVeneer® is stronger than corrugated products and lighter than plywood or OSB. PlyVeneer® can be nailed, stapled, screwed, and glued which helps offer the versatility of a true packaging workhorse.

PlyMDF is created by substituting thin MDF for veneer and offers solutions where surface quality is critical. Both PlyVeneer® and PlyMDF come in standard sizes of 4'x8' and 4'x10'. For custom sizes, our cut-to-size saws deliver.

PlyVeneer® Applications
  • Protective cover sheets
  • Drama panels
  • Agricultural packaging
  • Low cost pallet decks and divider sheets
  • Rail and Container Shipping/Dunnage

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