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PolyPly ImagePolyPly is a multi-ply sheet constructed with treated Kraft linerboard. It can be manufactured in 2 to 9 ply, with a variety of constructions based on the customer end use. Typically it is supplied in a 3-ply construction using treated Kraft as the face and back, with a variety of core materials. PolyPly can be manufactured with brown and black surfaces.

Key Characteristics
  • Fire rating - FMVSS-302 "Flammability of Interior Materials"
  • Moisture resistance - PolyPly passes a 3-cycle soak test, and 24 hr soak test
  • High flexibility
  • No added Formaldehyde

PolyPly Applications

  • R.V. Industry Darco and Luan replacement
  • Air filtration components