Foldable plyveneer

PlyVeneer® V-grooving for folding applications solves the headache of heavy shipping materials by offering strong, lightweight packaging that helps minimize shipping costs. The material can routed and folded, or used as a cover sheet to protect items in shipment. PlyVeneer is made of wood veneer with a Kraft linerboard overlay. This substrate is stronger than corrugated products and lighter than plywood or OSB. PlyVeneer® can be nailed, stapled, screwed, and glued which helps offer the versatility of a true packaging workhorse.

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to cut custom sizes with little to no waste. Standard panel sizes are also available.

More information:

  • Cores available in 1/10″, 1/8″ and 1/6″ thickness

  • Faced on both sides with a tough, heavy 42 lb. or 69 lb. natural brown linerboard

  • Available with a bleached 42 lb. Kraft linerboard on one side

  • Puncture resistant

  • V-grooving for folding applications

  • Moisture resistant adhesive produces uniform, durable bond between facings and core

  • Can replace plywood, OSB or corrugated

  • Can be nailed, staples, screwed or glued

  • MDF Core can be substituted in areas where surface quality is critical