So often wood is just too heavy for store fixtures, displays, trade show booths, and signage. PlyCorr™ gives you a lightweight alternative to wood, without sacrificing the ability to be drilled or cut with conventional woodworking tools. Made by laminating a corrugated core with heavy Kraft linerboard the result is a product with much better rigidity, crush strength, and structural integrity than Kraft honeycomb. PlyCorr™ can be laminated with vinyls, melamine papers, veneers, and high pressure laminates. When laminated between MDF faces, it can be edge banded with traditional edge banded equipment.

MiracleBoard offers a unique treated paper face along with an identical corr to PlyCorr. The treated paper face allows you to paint the surface or apply real wood veneers to the panel.

MiracleBoard and PlyCorr can easily be cut, joined and drilled with traditional tools and fastners.

PlyCorr™ Applications

  • Interior Signage

  • Store Fixtures: Displays, Exhibits, Kiosks

  • Recreational Vehicles: Components, Pocket doors, Shelves, Countertops, Tables

  • Wall panels: Office Partitions, Sandwich Panels, Modular Furniture

  • Trade Show Booths

  • Specialty Packaging such as Pallet decks, Bunks, and Stickers

  • Sustainable and Recyclable