PlyVeneer® solves the headache of heavy shipping materials by offering strong, lightweight packaging that helps minimize shipping costs. The material can be routed and folded, or used as a cover sheet to protect items in shipment. PlyVeneer is made of wood veneer with a Kraft linerboard overlay. This substrate is stronger than corrugated products and lighter than plywood or OSB. PlyVeneer® can be nailed, stapled, screwed, and glued which helps offer the versatility of a true packaging workhorse.

PlyVeneer serves in various ways. It can be used as protective cover sheets, packaging for soft fruits, cheese, and vegetables, divider sheets, rail and container shipping/dunnage, and more. 

It is offered in different forms. Our PlyVeneer product comes in a V-Groove which serves to fold into a box shape for packaging and protecting shipment.